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Customized Language Training for Businesses, Health Care Professionals & Government Employees etc.

Tailored to the needs of business professionals, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, or intensive courses, suited to the timeline of the client. Our flexible scheduling options allow our clients to learn a new language, or improve upon existing language skills, all the while respecting the demands of their professional careers.

DLC has earned an excellent reputation with many corporate clients. We help our diverse clients to develop their language and communication skills in order to make them more competitive in a global economy.

Some Benefits of Corporate Language Training:

  • Builds employee confidence & morale
  • Increases competitive advantage in global economy
  • Decrease in communication errors
  • Increased productivity by reducing language barriers!

Language Training for Government Employees

At DLC, we understand the competitive edge that language skills offer in the governmental arena. Our instructors work with government-based clients, in order for them to attain the levels of English and French required for advancement. We prepare government employees to meet the requirements for government official language tests (Levels A, B & C).

Ability to conversecan sustain a simple question and answer exchangecan sustain an informal conversation on concrete topicscan participate effectively in discussions on a broad variety of topics
can produce new sentences (not simply repeat memorized material)is able to paraphrase when lacking the exact vocabularycan expand on topics with ease
Ease in using the languagedelivery may be slowspeaks with some spontaneityhas a natural delivery
can form sentences with some hesitationsmay hesitate when using more complex sentencesseldom hesitates except to look for ideas
Clarity of communicationhas basic vocabulary for routine work-related topicshas concrete vocabulary for less routine work-related topicshas precise vocabulary to convey exact meaning
can talk about facts in the presentcan situate facts and events in time (i.e., has good mastery of simple verb tenses)can link sequences of facts and events in time (i.e., has solid mastery of more complex verb forms)
can link words to form simple sentencescan link sentences together into longer passagescan link sentences effectively to convey complex ideas
may ask for repetition or rephrasing of some questionshas few difficulties understanding the assessorcan readily and accurately interpret what the assessor says
can generally be understood if the listener pays close attentioncan be understood by most people, but repetition may sometimes be requiredcan be easily understood; pronunciation does not interfere with communication

Language Training for Health Care Professionals

To meet increasing demand for language training for workers in health care and at the, community development and social services, DLC offers medical language courses that you can take online or in person. These courses feature practical language exercises and scenarios, using healthcare vocabulary with emphasis on medical terminology.

Let us help you reach your language and communication goals!

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