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Language training for all levels

At DLC, we recognize the need for individuals to develop their language and communication skills (English, French, Spanish and more…).  In a  multilcultural environment, learning a new language is key to attaining an ease of comfort. Furthermore, in a globalized world, language skills help to build confidence, develop relationships and close communication gaps.

DLC offers tailored group or private courses for students who wish to increase their language skills.

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All of our courses begin with a language assessment test in order to properly evaluate the needs of our clients, and to tailor a customized program, suited to the needs of the individual. Once assessed, clients are provided with course objectives, in order to meet benchmarks in the progression of their learning.
Our Courses include, but are not limited to:
  • Language courses with emphasis on conversation, intonation and pronunciation
  • Private and small group lessons for adults and children
  • Online lessons available at any time
  • Careers:  Job Search and Job Interview courses
  • Business communication courses with work related vocabulary
  • Writing and Listening courses for your specific needs
  • Business Project Presentations with role  playing situations

Let us help you reach your language and communication goals!