Do I have to pay tax for my language courses?
No, second language courses are non-taxable.
Do you need to have some basic knowledge of the language I want to learn?
No, we teach clients of all language levels, from beginner to advanced.
What are the first steps I have to take before I take a course?
You will be given an evaluation test in order to place you in the correct program, according to your needs. After the evaluation, you can start right away!
When can I take classes?
Our teachers can come to your location at any time between 8am and 8pm, from Monday Friday, and from 9am-7pm on weekends.
Are you open in the summer?
Yes, we operate all year long.
Will I have homework?
Yes, you can expect to be given homework after every class. Learners should expect to do about 30-60 minutes of homework for each class.
How big are the classes?
The classes range from Private lessons to Group lessons (a maximum of 5 students). This can be extended at anytime according to your needs.
Do you offer language courses in languages other than French and English?
Yes, our teachers specialize in teaching various languages.  Let us know, and we will customize a program for you.
Do you teach business and professional related content and vocabulary?
Yes. Our teachers can include business and professional content in your lessons. We will customize lessons according to your personal needs for your industry or field of work.